Friday, March 13, 2009

Little B -- Thank you for the RILEY stamps!

Little B -- my 6yr old daughter - was SO excited today when she opened a gift package from Kristi at Hanna Stamps.  She knew right away it was RILEY the cute moose.  She was so happy - that they were hers to keep in her stamp bag!  So off she went for a good couple of hours tonight - stamping and coloring, stamping and coloring... she even decided totally on her own - that she should do her own 'thank you' card to Kristi... ::blushing and proud mom::  So here are some of the creations from tonight with her new Riley stamps. 

She has now decided that the St. Patrick's Riley is going to be on cards that she makes for her class this weekend.  Lot's of stamping going on at our house... 

Thank you so much Kristi -- we love Riley -- and Hanna Stamps!


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  1. how wonderful! and great card. I am going to have to check out those stamps. DH collects moose